E-learning became mainstream in the beginning of the 21st century. Rapid development of infrastructure and mass adoption of mobile devices and social networks greatly contributed to it’s expansion. Currently, e-learning presents a standard method for personal and professional growth as an efficient and easy-to-use-learning set of tools. E-learning has been widely adopted both by small and large corporations, entities in need of continuous education and licensing for their members as well as various knowledge/training providers expanding into E-Commerce, thus generating new sales channels.

Modern corporations are fully aware that their main assets are the people they employ, therefore continuous efforts are made on their behalf to ensure that the winning team is kept intact. Corporations have recognized personal growth and continuous education as important goals and E-learning is the perfect method for fulfilling those objectives. Offer your team high quality and interesting training materials and courses and enable them to enhance their knowledge and skills. This shall lead to better overall performance and job satisfaction, while showing sincere corporate care for the personal development of each individual.

One of the most important benefits of E-learning is the availability of content and courses at a time and place that best suites the individual user. This feature enables users to engage in learning activities with less stress and at an optimal time, ensuring high focus on content and leading to user satisfaction with better overall learning results. Companies also benefit by shifting some of the traditional “live” courses and seminars to E-learning, thus making those “live” events more efficient and economical.

Corporate procedures often include product trainings, sales techniques, corporate procedures and policies etc. The need for continuous education and training grows exponentially with the size of the organization, generating stress and increased workload to instructors and educators through additional administrative and organizational requirements. Ultimately this could have a negative effect on the quality of learning and also substantial additional costs in travel, accommodation, organizational and other logistic services. Deployment of an E-learning Management System enables efficient distribution of learning materials and content to all users as well as the means to test their knowledge in no time. With an E-learning platform in place the instructors can focus on the quality of learning materials and courses, resulting in better end results and a more satisfying learning experience.

It is quite obvious that utilizing an E-learning platform brings tremendous savings to an organization. Various studies have indicated that these savings can range from 20% all the way up to 90% of the traditional budgets for education. This is achieved by eliminating a vast list of expenses, by optimizing human and other resources and creating an overall more efficient corporate education system.

Deploying an e-learning solution does not really have to involve complicated decision-making processes. If you opt for a cloud based platform such as eGO! LMS, you will have no hardware, software, installation, complex training or any other related issues to worry about. Using our eGO! LMS platform requires an Internet connection and an Internet browser. Using the platform is as easy as can be and our pricing is more than affordable. You can try out the product free of charge and later continue paying on monthly bases. You can discontinue the service and stop paying at any point in time.