Fully customizable

Customize eGo! LMS to fully resemble your corporate look. Add your own photos and artwork to the landing page and further modify the interface with the available color schemes. Add your logo and map eGO! LMS platform to your corporate Internet domain. (The last two options are available only in the “Pro” package).

Versatile admin accounts

eGO! LMS allows you to create Admin and Instructor accounts with different privileges. For example: let the Admin take care of the platform, the Instructors can create courses and manage the students and finally leave the Reporting to the ones in charge of evaluation.

Unlimited number of courses

Create as many courses you need – with different topics, for different departments and different knowledge levels. Create-learning content utilizing eGO! LMS platform or simply add existing learning materials for your users. The only limit is your imagination!


Messaging is essential in e-learning. Based on your requirements we shall setup automatic messaging for your users. Most common examples are course/test invitations, test results notifications, info about new learning materials etc.


Offer your users/students learning materials that they will enjoy. Our multimedia editor allows creation of rich multimedia content on the spot - or simply just add your own learning materials (.doc, .pdf, .ppt, .mp4...).

Testing module

Monitor and track progress of your users/students with our powerful Testing module. eGO! LMS offers a wide range of options when it comes to Test creation. You can limit the test duration, use different question types (including freeform text-entry question type) and many more.


As one of the most important segments of eGO! LMS, the reporting module generates detailed reports on learning progress of your users and allows close monitoring of individual and group achievements and results (i.e. reports on completed courses, relevant grades, group comparisons etc.).


More than often there is a need for different interface language. Whether your workforce is multinational, based in different countries (or for any other reason), you can easily add or change the language settings of eGO! LMS.

Custom features

Our eGO! LMS covers most standard features of a modern cloud based LMS. However, if you come across a feature that you might need and we currently don’t offer, please feel free to contact us. We love to improve our services and keep our customers happy!