Formatura’s biggest project is SuperSchool ( It’s a commercial service for which we’ve produced over 100 hours of authentic educational material. SuperSchool is intended for students of higher grades of elementary school (and their parents). The platform we developed for this service does not only host video content, but has several other functionalities.

Since we’ve created SuperSchool, several thousand families from Serbia and abroad have used our services, and Formatura’s gained domestic and international awards and recognition.

Applying our e-learning experience, Formatura’s developed an e-learning platform intended for business users.

eGo! LMS platform enables companies, organizations, small and big corporations to educate their employees, facilitates continuous licensing, and provides a commercial model for their online courses.

The idea behind eGo! LMS Is to create an affordable platform that is easy to use and that will enable all types of companies to use it for continuous education of their employees while significantly cutting costs.

E-Learning Awards

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